Nov 10
ACS Announces New Blog and Social Media Initiative

400dpiLogo JPEG.jpg   As the nationwide leader in establishing, managing, and transforming Physical, Hand, Occupational, and Speech Therapy programs, ACS is excited to announce ACS-IntelliSights where we will share our insights and experiences with outpatient therapy practices across the country.  In addition, ACS' newly launched Lean Leadership Enterprises division will be featured with a unique focus and expertise in healthcare and Medical Practice transformation.

As healthcare reform and related healthcare delivery changes continue to reshape the outpatient landscape, it is becoming even more critical for leadership and providers to actively manage daily operations, to look for opportunities to enhance patient outcomes, to strategically respond to declining reimbursement trends, and to ensure profitable growth. Ancillary Care Strategies' (ACS) experts have extensive experience in these markets. We have developed a systematic approach to success that enables our clients to achieve greater levels of success.

The goal of ACS-IntelliSights is to explore and share tips, knowledge, and learnings from our more than 20 years of successful transformations, enabling and leading enterprises to achieve best-in-class results. Some of the topics will include revenue cycle management, referral management and capture, scheduling strategies, determining appropriate staffing levels and mix, patient satisfaction and its measurement process, patient outcomes, functional goal setting, regulatory and compliance issues, documentation, financial responsibility and collections, coding, billing, denial management, and operational improvements driven by measures and metrics.

We have also enhanced our social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. All ACS-IntelliSights entries, as well as pertinent industry information, conferences, and job postings currently listed with ACS's Recruiting Service, will be shared on these platforms. 

We invite you to follow ACS on its new blog, as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Leading the effort will be Joan Cole, Digital and Social Media Manager.

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Oct 15
Welcome to "IntelliSights" - the Ancillary Care Strategies Informational Blog

400dpiLogo JPEG.jpgThis is where we will be sharing information on various topics. If we catch your interest, we would love to hear from you.