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Lean Leadership Enterprises


What we do
As we have worked with small and mid-sized organizations over the past 12 years, our clients and we recognized the great need to bring world-class improvement methodology in a way that smaller and mid-size companies can apply it successfully.  Co-Founded by Laurie Fiorica, our Lean Transformation and Operational Excellence Leader, our business objective is to bring the Toyota Production System, Six Sigma methodology and Process Improvement to Small and Mid-Sized Companies.  We bring our proven ACS reputation, integrity, and results-driven approach to drive improvement.  .

Our Business Sytem

Our Ancillary Care Strategies Operating System (ACSOS) is our tried and true business system that we share with and teach to the leaders and members of your organization.  By developing a culture of data-based decision-makers and problem solvers, our objective is to develop the human capital in your organization needed to drive growth while eliminating waste and improving your value proposition.

Getting to Break Through Change and Results

Organizational Change

    • Lean Enterprise or Site Transformation 
    • Development of our client's business management system for leaders
    • Executive "Mission Control" Room Set-up and Leader Standard Work
    • Strategic Planning (3 and 5 year planning as well as organizational structure and design)
​Process Improvement
    • Service Line Excellence and Improvement
    • Revenue Cycle Management and Improvement
    • Business Process Redesign
    • Space and Process Layout, Design and Implementation
    • Provider (and patient) Flow – Clinical Design
    • Primary Care Medical Home Design and Implementation
    • Lean Project Planning Workshop
​Lean and Six Sigma Training and Certification
    • On-site workshops and activities to learn the tools, and develop the team.
    • Formal training in the latest in improvement methodology.
    • Certification programs tailored to your organizational needs.


Contact LLE

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