ACS has the experience of working with a variety of large organizations
over the past 12 years. During that time, we recognized the incredible
need to bring world-class improvement methodology in a way that smaller
and mid-size companies could apply it successfully as well. This
program was co-founded by Laurie Fiorica, our Lean Transformation and
Operational Excellence Leader. Our business objective is to bring Six
Sigma methodology and Process Improvement to small and mid-sized
companies too. We will also bring our proven ACS reputation, integrity
and results-driven approach to drive improvement and optimization.

Our Ancillary Care Strategies Operating System (ACSOS) is the business
system that we share to educate the leaders and members of your
organization. By developing a culture of data-based
decision-makers, our objective is to develop your organization, to drive
growth, while eliminating waste and improve your mission.

Improving patient satisfaction, scheduling appointments, decreasing
overtime work, processing paperwork and increasing clinic revenues are
just a sampling of the areas where various healthcare facilities are
implementing LEAN strategies.