Management Services Organization (MSO)

MSO’s provides a host of administrative and management functions necessary to be successful in every facet of the ever-changing healthcare environment. Ultimately, this will help standardize and optimize services across organizations, reduce duplication of services and allow smaller practices to have the ability to offer services similar to that of larger practices. This is key to our business model /success and one that we provide to you. We provide revenue cycle improvement, day-to-day management, executive management, operations services and expertise  As an extension of your leadership team, our success and reputation are based upon the results and success of our clients. We provide turn-key solutions to rapidly improve existing services. We offer multiple co-management models to meet your needs. The scope and expertise include all aspects of managing a successful organization or key area of an organization. 

The following are some of the major areas where an MSO can assist practices:

  • CEO/COO/CFO interim leadership
  • Project Management and Project Management Office set-up
  • Lean and process improvement
  • Staffing Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Financial services and support
  • Feasibility/cost-benefit analysis (cba) for additional services, programs, sites, and budgeting
  • Recruiting
  • Credentialing
  • Access and use of ACS-IntelliWorks business intelligence and benchmarking solution
  • Billing, Coding, and Collections workflows and improvement
  • Therapy end-to-end Management and Additional Support
    • Billing and coding
    • Regulatory support and guidance
    • Clinical support
    • Documentation reviews
    • Staff development and assessment
    • Compensation reviews
    • Bonus calculations and methods
    • Staffing mix evaluation and monitoring
    • Nationwide benchmarks and KPI tracking
    • Nationwide Therapy Patient Satisfaction Survey and process
    • Risk management
    • Reasonable pricing
    • EMR template builds and revisions

Our ultimate goal is to not only improve your quality but your bottom line cost.

In the end, the more money you can save by optimizing and streamlining your processes the better for you. With ACS’s team of professionals, we have years of experience doing just that.

If you’re looking for any of the following, then you need to contact us.

  • Cost Transformation – The process of eliminating ineffective, nonessential spending and redirecting those savings to investments that will power your growth.
  • Corporate Support – The process of transforming Finance, IT, HR and Legal Departments into valued business partners that work together to provide a competitive advantage.
  • Operations – The process of supply-chain efficiency to a range of core management capabilities. ACS offers a broad range of experts to optimize your operations.

The advantages of being a part of an MSO are numerous for physicians who may be in private practice or part of a small physician group. One advantage Is that the physician is able to focus more on patient care rather than the distractions related to running a business. Additionally, becoming part of our MSO offers physicians the negotiating leverage with payers and other vendors without having to lose much-desired autonomy and control. Over time, highly functioning MSO’s offer physicians the opportunity to participate in governance planning, compensation structures and clinical quality improvement initiative.

If you’re ready to spend more time on patient care and less time stressing over your business, then contact us today!


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